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ITA public participation website

Designing Israel Tax Authority’s first public participation campaign, and sharing the organisation’s strategic plan with over 6000 employees.

The Brief

My responsibility for this project was to create a landing page, introducing a new strategic plan for the organisation, and inviting employees to speak up and take part in the decision making process.

The flow for the campaign was designed around a company event:

  1. The CEO presented the campaign to the audience in a holiday live stream event
  2. All emploeeys recieved a text messege with the link to the landing page
  3. A call to action leading to an outsourced discussion platform

After realizing the requirements, I decided to focus on a few key points:

  1. Communicating the complex background for the discussion while managing the audience short attention span
  2. Highlighting a sense of purpose and meaning that would empower the audience to take an active part (based on the octalisys framework)
  3. Mobile first design and scalability for future costumer facing campaigns

A hybrid stage between the wire frames and content decisions, featuring the strategic directions as scrolling slides – we ended up displaying them as a complete section, so that the full information will always be on display.

Illustrating an abstract idea

After a short search for ready made illustrations for this section proved to be more difficult than expected, I decided to create them myself.

The main function of those images was to catch the attention of the user. I aimed to illustrate the most abstract ideas behind the text, leaving sapce for insparation hoping viewers think about how those Ideas can be implemented in the organisation.

Considering The short time-frame for the project, I chose a set of simple shapes, and used different compositions to express the Ideas behind the 3 principles:

  • abstraction and separation for “making tax laws simpler”
  • communication and stability for “making tax just happen”
  • joint-like connection and movement for “managerial flexibility inside the organisation”

We decided to use bright colors for the whole project -both to keep inline with the outsourced platforms design, and to distinguish the campaign from the rest of the organisations activities.

Setting the Benchmark

The final desktop version of the design. The call to action is highlighted both at the top of the page and after the informative section.

The whole process had a lot of first-times to our team and to the organisation as a whole, so expectations as to the employees cooperation where speculative.

Since the campaign is still ongoing we are yet to analyze the responses, but over the first 24 hours of the campaign we collected some data:


entered the landing page


signed up for updates


left a comment in the discussion

🧡 This project is part of my work at the Israely Tax Authority’s Behavioral Economics team, led by Rachel Kooper Beer, in collaboration with economist Mor Bareli and advised by Matrix.