I am a Designer and Writer.

Thoughtful design is my way to bring good into the world.

Designed for long form: offscreen magazines website

Since its inception in 2018 I’ve been part of the team at off screen – an independent online film magazine and community, designing the visual language as well designing, building and maintaining the website. project website🡽 אוף סקרין – כתב עת לקולנוע The visual language Off-Screens visual language is guided by the founders vision – […]

Engaging patients: redesigning the Valera health app

I built a brand to trust, established a multi-platform design system for scaling and redesigned the app for managing patient expectations and providers time. Building the Valera Design system What problem does it solve? inconsistency leads to a. longer dev time and B.mistrust Inconsistency between platforms can lead patients to doubt the service provider’s reliability […]